Welcome to Colorful Colorado

I had never visited Colorado as an adult.
In 8th grade, we flew to Denver to visit my uncle.
There are awkward pictures of me with aviator glasses, wrestling shoes, and acne trying to be David Letterman on hiking trails.
So I was really looking forward to creating a new better memory of my time in Colorado.

Things began wonderfully.
The green mountains resembled fuzzy camouflage under the goober grape clouds.
Later, Gawd put on one of Her famous sky shows, which went well with all the Danzig I'd been listening to.
And then a rainbow magically appeared, just to say hello.

I've got a feeling Colorado will be the best, most greatest, funnest, super happiest, most bestest, superest moment in all of my life and your life.


  1. Actually, you trying to be David Letterman as a kid is a pretty powerful, positive memory for me in grade school. I can only imagine what the image of "David Letterman hiking" must have been like...

  2. Thanks, Kim. If you recall I never had a girlfriend during those years. That's what David Letterman hiking was like.