Denver Disconnect

I got up early.
I knew Colorado had to be better than this.
I probably just saw its unwiped butt.

An elderly couple surprised me in the motel lobby.
They wore Leave It To Beaver clothes and sipped instant coffee.
Was I still in Denver?
"Don't go camping," the wife said, reading the paper.  "There's bears that are going after teenagers."
That was a hilarious sentence.
"Teenagers!" I repeated, underlining the word that made that sentence funny.  The concept of a bear that only eats teenagers hasn't really been tapped.
"You know, young people," she clarified for me.
Oh, Denver.
We just weren't connecting.

It made sense though about those bears.
They probably got tired of teenagers begging for money at gas stations.

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    The teencentric bear gang is now drifting through alaska.