Sod House Museum

The Sod House Museum was closed.
But I am an asshole.
So I walked on some crackling hay over a mucky marsh to get onto the property.

The sod house looked like a house with a sod roof.

Sod house security consisted of a barb wire buffalo, and a barbed wire Native American on horseback.
Upon closer inspection, the tribesman's cigarette of choice was a Marlboro menthol.
He Who Smoke Mint.

Why do you insist on making these racist type of jokes?
Because I'm alone.


  1. I'll bet if you had a sod-roofed house on your house made from sod, you would never even consider the possibility that you needed to camouflage your house in case of an invasion. You would just look out your window as the planes (or spaceships, of course) flew by and laugh because they would never notice your sod-roofed house from the air.

    But I bet it would get annoying aiming the sprinkler at your roof everyday to keep it green.

  2. i said house too many times.