Pass Key Restaurant, Pueblo Colorado

This Pass Key Restaurant doesn't feel like the original.
With the hand painted lettering on the walls.
It's newer looking and fits in on the great strip of big box retail and fast food culture that is now a part of this trip.
But hey.
They've got a Galaga machine.

This sandwich is delicious.
The Super Pass Key Special.
Sliced, grilled Italian sausage, American, Swiss and provolone cheese, with mild peppers, served on a toasted mini-bun.
It packs a real flavor.
Way more flavor than this Budweiser I'm not going to finish.

The menu mentions some Pueblo traditions.
One of them is "one on one at the slab".
I wonder if that's "ass-sliding" from the movie RAD.
Could be.
I bet this is where RAD was filmed!
It's not.  RAD was filmed in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
What about the bicycle boogie scene in the gymnasium?
Surely that was filmed in Pueblo, Colorado.
That was filmed at Cochrane High School in Cochrane.
Cochrane, Alberta, Canada.
Man, I'm outta here.

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