Tecolote Cafe

For desayuno I went to the Tecolote Cafe in Santa Fe.
Tecolote means "owl" in Spanish.
I've always enjoyed owls. (2:20 and 2:03)

The menu listed something called huevos yucatecos.
Corn tortillas layered with black beans, two over easy eggs covered in green chile, Swiss and feta cheese, pico de gallo, and bookended by two fried bananas.  It was served with posole, which was described as Mexican grits, and a basket of fresh pastries.
It was wet delicious.
The oddball additions of Swiss, feta, and bananas really made the dish.

While enjoying it, I scribbled notes about yesterday before they got edged out by today's events.
"Good luck with your writing," said the young bus boy.
I have noticed that people are pleasant here.
They'll point out things like your baseball cap.
"Hey!  The White Sox!"
The license plates feature hot air balloons.
And the cashiers are more jokey.
Full of quips and goofs.

Two gas station clerks:
"Don't give him that money," one clerk said about his coworker.
I smiled and handed the coworker a $100 bill.
"No, don't give it to him!"
Okay, guys, yes, ha ha.
"Oh no!  Why'd you give it to him?"
The coworker nodded without smiling.
Maybe it wasn't a joke.
Maybe they were going to steal my money.
And escape in a hot air balloon.
And compliment my White Sox cap.
I suppose that would be a pleasant way to get robbed.

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