Historic Route 66

Why aren't you taking Route 66 back to Chicago?
I dunno.

No, I do know.

Route 66 was once silly and wonderful.
Kitschy distractions, jagged neon angles, shiny greasy diners.
The drive thru dream.
But it's dead.
It's been dead for a while.

I could try to navigate its complicated revisions.
From Albuquerque:

Turn Left onto 2nd St.
Turn Left onto Lomas Blvd.
Turn Right (North) onto 4th St.
4th Street becomes SR313, follow it North.
Follow SR313 through Alameda, Bernalillo
At Algodones, enter I-25 at Exit 248.
Leave I-25 at Exit 267 (Waldo).
Take South (East) frontage road North.
La Cienega
Rejoin the I-25 at Exit 276, go for two miles to Exit 278.

Curious and aimless, I poked my head onto Route 66 for a few miles.
A decaying strip just east of downtown.
It was a parade of boarded up motels, bus stop slouches, dead diners, and sun-fried winos wandering into traffic.

I did enjoy it.
The sole tourist in a tattered time machine.

But I don't think I could do this and only this for 1,200 miles.
It would be like trying to jack off to the corpse of Betty Page.
For four days.
And never cum.

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  1. I'm not positive that's a "good" analogy. But it's vivid. Thanks.

    Okay I thought it out, and I decided it actually is a really good analogy. But I'm pissed for focusing enough attention on it that I burned the mental image into my brain.

    This is one time that my short term memory loss problems seem like a " pro".