Fort Cody Trading Post

I took a break at the Fort Cody Trading Post.
North Platte's big log frontier fauxtress.
A towering Buffalo Bill guarded the parking lot.
Making sure varmints didn't shoplift.
If you did, you got a hot arrow in your butt.

The trading post was a giant gift shop.
Fair enough.
I couldn't find anything to waste money on.
I considered getting some kooky candy.
I forget what.
Horse flavored gum or something.
But all the candy was under glass.
I'm not going to ask someone for assistance in purchasing a pack of gum.
That would be trading my dignity.
No way, Buffalo Bill.
Up yours!

Just then the Buffalo Bill Miniature Wild West Show began.
A tiny replica of his 1877 touring cavalcade of lasso prowess, buck riding, and trick shot showmanship.  Positively goofy!

I walked out of there with a few chuckles without spending a dime.

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  1. This is one of my favorite roadside attraction diversions. Unlike you, I can never make it out of there without buying a ton of stuff. But, I love all things kitschy and weird. I also got some great photos and video, if you want to see them: