Big Bunny Motel

So what are you going to do now?
Well, I had selected a second motel as a back up.
The Big Bunny Motel.
When it opened in 1952 it was called the Bugs Bunny Motel.
But lawyers got involved and made them change the name.
Or in this case, manipulate the neon sign.
Get rid of the S, turn the U into an I.
This motel was also on Colfax Avenue in Lakewood.
It was my second choice because it got more bad reviews than The Trail's End.
I rang the buzzer in the claustrophobic lobby.
An Asian woman appeared behind the glass.
She seemed happy.
I asked her if anyone had made a reservation in my name.
She answered cheerfully.
"Oh, no!  We don't do reservations!"
There were rooms available.
While considering, a pick up truck pulled up.
A hitchhiker pulled his knapsack out of the bed and got a room.
I felt around for my blue deposit pouch, containing $1000 in cash.
Still there.

I weighed my options.
Sketchy part of town.
Friendly owners hiding behind glass.
Free HBO.
Local calls.
Lots of honking in the parking lot.
Apparently the hitchhiker's ride was blocking the entrance.

I decided tha-tha-tha that was all folks.

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