Questions & Specifications

Who's they?
They is a movie.
It filmed in Chicago.
I worked on the movie as a production assistant.
They wrapped in Chicago and drove to New Mexico for more filming.
But a rental van had to come back.
So they flew me out to Albuquerque to drive it back to Chicago.

What's the van?
It's a 2011 Chevy 15 passenger van.
It's white and it's empty.

Why did they give you $1200 in cash?
To pay for gas.
I don't know why it's in cash.
But it is.

Which route are you going to take?
North then east.
New Mexico, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois.
They let me pick the course and the motels where I'll stay.
I did my research and I've got some beautiful and stupid things planned.
But I made sure to leave some wiggle room for improvisation.

Sounds fun.  Can I tag along?
Yeah, okay.


  1. Hmm.

    1,350 miles
    15 - 18 miles per gallon (assume 16.5)
    82 gallons of gas needed
    $225 for gas
    12 hours per day at 50 miles/hour avg (for water and spaceship houses)
    600 miles per day, so two nights lodging at $100/night) and 27 hours road time.
    breakfast lunch and dinner for $50/day $150 for the whole trip max.

    $225 gas + $150 meals + $200 lodging + hourly rate (x) x 27 hours on road = $1200 cash.

    Solve for x
    x = $23/hour.


  2. Jim, that is some math.

    To clarify:
    I was being paid $150/day with a daily $50 per diem for four days.
    So $200 of the $1200 was mine.
    $1000 was for gas and the possibility of emergency.
    I wast to keep receipts and document them.
    Whatever money wasn't spent went back to the film.

    I averaged 12 hours/day on the road, with 8 spent doing actual driving.

    My x is saying $18.75/hour.



  3. Sweet! Blogger isn't listing this so I was forced to bookmark it.

    I had to make a lot of assumptions in my math. I like mine better. You keep the money in mine.