The cast and crew were in my rear view mirror.
My wave bye bye had gone either unnoticed or ignored.
On my own now.
I looked at my notes.


I went to the intersection but didn't see it.
In my periphery I caught the word SUPERMARKET flashing by.
And I needed a case of water.
So I turned around and stumbled upon the 99 Supermarket, an Asian grocer.

It shouldn't have thrown me.
Asians and Asian-Americans have been known to drink water.
But it did throw me just a little.

Water did prove hard to find.
I found fish balls.
And big giant eggs.
A whole aisle was devoted to noodles.
And a sloppy celebration of buddha statues hijacked a corner of cheap pottery.

Eventually I found water.
Before grabbing a case I snapped some photos of the Asian grocery with my instant camera.
Is that considered role reversal?  Ha ha-
No, it's considered racist (but for real this time, Mickey Rooney).

I found the Chevy-On-A-Stick.
It's an art piece by Barbara Grygutis called Cruising San Mateo I.
It looked like the pictures I had seen of it online.
It looked like a Chevy on a stick.

SPACESHIP HOUSE my notes said.
I didn't know what else to do.
So I found it.
It was a house that looked like a spaceship.
It looked like the pictures I had seen of it online.

I drank some water.
And tossed my notes on the floor.

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