Big Mama's Burritos

For breakfast I had a hankering for a burrito made in a fake stationary stagecoach.
So I went to Big Mama's Burritos in Wheat Ridge.

For a little over $3 I enjoyed a delicious egg, potato and ham burrito and endured a cup of non-dairy creamer quality coffee.
The burrito packed a subtle spice.  
More a nudge than a Bronco buck.
It hit the spot.

In the shade of a Big Mama's umbrella, I watched a roughneck in a bandana outside a gun store, where he stood arms crossed, waiting for it to open.
It was 9:45am.
The seconds counted down like spent shell casings.
Soon he would be legally able to get his hands on some guns.
His boot tapped impatiently next to his giant motorcycle.
One less Prius.
And counting.

1 comment:

  1. We buy guns.

    I'm reminded of a Simpson's episode.

    Oh, I don't need anything like that... yet... Just give me my gun.

    (He tries to take the gun.)

    I'm sorry, but the law requires a five-day waiting period. We've got to run a background check.

    Five days? But I'm mad now! I'd kill you if I had my gun.

    Yeah, well you don't.

    (Homer walks out of the store, muttering.)

    Lousy big shot, thinks he's so big 'cause he's got a lot of guns, well if he didn't have any guns I'd show him a thing or two.