Speed Limit 75

In Colorado the highway speed limit is 75.
Pretty cool.
I also noticed the road was more crowded than New Mexico.
And more angry.
Not as cool.

The woman in front of me in the left lane stayed steady at 70 mph.
I was behind her for a while.
When a chance to pass on the right opened, I took it.
While trying to pass she sped up.
We ran parallel at 85 mph.
I looked at her to see what type of an asshole she was.
She drove in a reclined, almost horizontal position.
Her abdominal fat contoured against the steering wheel that her diabetic fingers sweatily clutched.
A listless look of American dopery sat fixed on her miserable face.
I accelerated to 90 mph to get her away from my current life, then steadied at 85 mph, about 5 mph faster than I wanted to drive.
She rode my ass.
I shook my head and let her pass me.
She cut in front of me, slowed down, and then took the next exit.
I hated her.
I really truly hated her.

I looked ahead at what I was driving into.
It looked like a nuclear explosion.
Though I think they pronounce it 'nucular' out here.

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  1. Nucular is accepted usage. You're correct.